Switch It Up - Joey Styles feat. Noble

Dec 12th, 2007 • Category: Music Videos

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  1. yeah i fuckin like this video way better then any other music vid never get tired of it im a joey styles fan now ever sinced he switched it up tell him he do got styles

  2. That track is Bangin man!!!! Im gona Switch it up!!!!

  3. Catchy

  4. love this song! dammmmmmmn joey!! keep representin for the 306 n 604, keep it real baby!

  5. NOBLE Is the Shit,

  6. *yawn* wat a waste of a beat, monotone rap about being famous…

  7. yeah this jerk “anonymous” just jelous , cuz he cant do like joey styles….i love you joeyy!!

  8. check them haterz yo! 306 WUTTT!! ya know what it is.

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